The end of the Plug and Play MIMA, and MIMA2
MIMA introduction
MIMA Operation
MIMA Users Page
Installing MIMA with The Plug and Play harness
Installing MIMA with the pin replacement harness
Installation and introduction
1. Disassembly
2. Installing the harness tubes
3. Threading the Harness
4. Removing the pins from the Multilock connectors
5. Installing the rear connections
6. Mounting the MIMA system in the car.
7. Accessing and connecting to the ECM
8. Overall wiring test
9. First power up test
Other connections
Main Controller test points
Test 13.6V supply
Test 5V
+ - 12V supply test
Board operational check
Mounting the MIMA disable switch
Mounting switch to the pop out panel
10. The first MIMA operational test
11. Confirming temp probe and fan control operation, and final checkout
12. Mounting the low profile display
13. Removing the MIMA harness
The MIMA Joystick
The MIMA Display
The FAS system
Cable impedance problem with last MIMA systems.
Learning to drive with MIMA
Hardwired Harness
Theory of Operation

Board operational check

Board operational check
The car should start just as it did with the test connector, with no IMA or other trouble indicator lights, and should work properly. MIMA cannot operate yet as the MIMA disable switch has not been plugged in.
If you cannot start, start and have a trouble code, and a reset will not fix it, turn off the car, and go to the ECM area first. carefully examine the wires and see if any of the rear T connections have pulled out, or the flying Male to Female junction. This is like an open wire to the computers, and the car will not work.
If the ECM wired are all plugged in properly, carefully redress the wires and tape the whole thing as a bundle to assure that the pins cannot pull out. I also would recommend taping each of the flying leads, but leaving the clear center so you can see if properly connected.

If no IMA or Check engine lights, and power supplies look good to this point, turn off the car, and connect the disable switch, making sure the switch is turned on.