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Grid charger owners and location, as well as some service links for hybrid services

Read this first:
The charging/rebalancing procedure is not fast, and involves deep discharging the pack by either driving up mountains, or using the discharger to deplete the charge. If the user you would like to connect with
has a charger, but his harness is already installed in his car, he would not be able to try charging your car, as there is no way to connect to it.
If he does not have a discharger, you may want to get one so you can both benefit from the charger and discharger.

What many people have done is to get and install one of my harnesses after making a connection with a charger owner.

Second issue is time.
A thorough initial conditioning cycle would be:

Soak charge 14-20 hours depending on initial SOC
Discharge/Charge Cycle #1 ~13 Hrs
Discharge/Charge Cycle #2 ~13 Hrs
Discharge/Charge Cycle #3 ~13 Hrs

59 hours, or 2 and a half days. You would not have a car during that period, and the donor would have to mind the car.

It would be cool if people in the same area could coordinate using the charger, so the group members could share the cost of the charger.

Some charger owners will help people with different aspects of the charger install or use, the following codes will describe their abilities* (I cannot vouch for people that claim abilities here)
Contact me directly to change the info for your entry in the list.

Charger type GCO1,GCM1,GCIM1

Discharger (DIS) allows cycling of the pack for better capacity recovery

Shop harness (SH)Can charge without real harness installed

What help are you willing to offer:

Charging if you have harness (CG if HI)

Harness install and charging (HI-CG)

Full reconditioning (FR)

Diagnostics of pack that needs more than charging (DIAG)

Any monetary, beer, dinner, or other gratuities for the services offered should be negotiated between the people involved.
If people do not have a list of services they are willing to do, don't ask me to contact them, as only a few are willing to accept the liability and have the time to do a reconditioning, and they have indicated that, the rest have not came foward, and I dont want to bug them.

MW Mobile , AL
JL Huntsville, AL
BC Cedar Bluff, AL
RS Grand Bay, AL
DL Harrison, AR
KC Anthem, AZ
GC Phoenix, AZ
GB Sahuarita, AZ
SK Tucson, AZ
RD Tucson, AZ---RUSH (IC)--- GC01, DIS, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR ,DIAG
JR Tucson, AZ
KK Prescott, AZ
MB Gilbert, AZ
MB Sun City, AZ
TH Casa Grande, AZ
DC Mesa, AZ
JB Campbell, CA
JF San Luis Obispo, CA
JT Santa Clara, CA
DL San Jose, CA
TE San Diego, CA
JC San Diego, CA
JW Pomona, CA
JH South Pasadena,CA
MM Whittier, CA
TC Moorpark, CA
TE Canoga Park, CA
SS Arcadia, CA
AD Torrance, CA
DG Azusa, CA
BJ Quincy, CA
DL Redway, CA
JL Penn Valley, CA
AP Ojai, CA
DR LaCrescenta, CA
JS Vacaville, CA
PG Granite Bay, CA
PW Hacienda Heights, CA
DB Santa Maria, CA
AZ Santee, CA
GV Oakland, CA
MC Oakland,CA
WB Colorado Springs, CO
SK Lafayette, CO
RR Durango,CO
RS Loveland, CO
DS Bloomfield CT
ML Washington, DC
DE Naples, FL
MB Melbourne, FL
MK Crestview, FL
AL Inglis , FL
MF Coral Springs, FL
SD SDOrlando, FL / Kennesaw, GA
GH Springhill, FL
SS Gainsville, FL
DP Auburndale, FL
TG Cumming, GA, ---TopFuelTim on IC--- GC01, DIS, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR
GG Newnan, GA
CR Atlanta, GA
TW Atlanta, GA
JN Marietta, GA
CE Waikoloa, HI
MK Paia, HI
BT Davenport IA
BW Wilton, IA
RC Scalesmound, IL
TK Palatine, IL
WS Newburg, IN
CC Lafayette, IN
CS Jeffersonville,IN
RS Gary, IN
SM Baldwin City, KS
ZH Wichita, KS
RR Howard, KS
DW Wingo, KY
KD Lafayette, LA
JM Mandeville, LA
DC Lake Charles, LA
DO Hammond, LA
JD Ferriday, LA
SK Warwick, MA
AB Falmouth, MA
CY Natic,MA
Go Green Auto care Gaithersburg, MD---GC01, DIS, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR
AK Potomac, MD
PR Frederick, MD
AF Windham, ME
BS WoolWich, ME
MC Bath, ME
DM Richmond, ME
SS Cape Elizabeth, ME
RB AnnArbor, MI
SR Hartland, MI
KE Richmond, MI
WA Grass LAke, MI---wayneapple IC---GCO1,DIS,CG if HI,HI-CG,
BB Chaplin, MN
JB Coon Rapids MN----GCO1 ,DIS, CG if HI, HI CG(lifter) Programmer
MC Minneapolis, MN
BX St Paul, MN
TU Plymouth, MN
RH Montevideo, MN
TT Eagan, MN
JJ Saint Charles, MO
CVN Saint Joseph, MO
MG Billings, MT
PS Wilmington NC
ET Chapel Hill, NC
DE Nags Head NC
JV Charlotte, NC
JM Charlotte, NC
PR Durham, NC
NC Durham, NC
RS Grand Forks, ND
BW Ravenna, NE
Green Earth Hybrid Chichester , NH---GC01, DIS, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR
MS Dublin, NH
MF Dover, NH
JB Derry, NH
SD West Long Branch, NJ
SP New Milford, NJ
GS Highland Park, NJ
JR Medford, NJ
GC Brick, NJ
SS Albuqerque, NM
EP Santa FE, NM
DD Santa FE, NM
PH Las Vegas NV
GR Niagra Falls, NY
TF Rochester, NY
WK Fillmore, NY
EH Accord, NY
AB Kingston, NY
EB Staten Island, NY
RG Great Neck, NY
PF Menands, NY
MS Willoughby, OH
PD Laruelville, OH
VA Brook Park, OH
WC Mayfield Hts, OH
GR Bowling Green, OH
CL Cincinnati, OH
JE Columbus, OH
JL Jefferson, OH
RH Mentor, OH
BB Tulsa, OK
SE Warren, OR
ML Hillsboro, OR ---interestedguy on IC --- GC01, DIS,CG if HI, HI-CG
EK Gearhart, OR
EP Milwaukie, OR
SR Beaverton, OR
CB Mountain Top, PA
DS Allentown, PA
KG Enola, PA
TD Clarendon, PA
MS Honesdale, PA
RR Greenville, SC
JD Columbia, SC
RF Spartanburg, SC
GL McCormick ,SC
JS Clemson, SC
MD Tigerville, SC
LC Lenoir City, TN
MD Nashville, TN
DL Madisonville, TN
JR Austin, TX
GJ Austin, TX
RM Garland, TX
DC Terrell Hills, TX
DR Wimberly ,TX
MD Houston, TX
RT Houston, TX
SC Houston, TX
RM Bedford, TX
WL Fort Worth, TX
MK Salt Lake City, UT
DL Delta, UT
NB Bluffdale, UT
CW Saratoga Springs, UT
DS Arlington, VA
LK Lynchburg, VA
MS Vienna, VA
JL Winchester, VA
JB Herndon, VA
LD Lynchburg, VA
JE Central, VA ---jime IC--- GC01, DIS, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR
TM Manassas, VA
WK Mineral, VA
AK Hartland, VT
JC Williston, VT
CC Bow, WA
KS Brush Praire, WA
DN Keslo ,WA
WS Kent, WA
DR Blaine, WA
JM Seattle, WA
JH Richland, WA
RN Monroe, WA
MW Richland Center WI
EP Sauk City, WI
MR Madison, WI
RR Huntington, WV

KP Iceland
JB Newfoundland, Canada
ES Calgary, Canada
BK Ontario,Canada
GG Quebec, Canada
PG Quebec, Canada
BB Edmonton, Canada
SG Yorkton, SK Canada
RH Wrexham UK
JL Kent, UK HI
IO Huddersfield, UK
GEG Diagnostics Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK GC01, DIS, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR
CH New Zealand
EG Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia GCM1, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR
AI Uppsala, Sweden
AP SriLanka GC01, DIS, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR
ZI SriLanka GC01, DIS, SH, CG if HI, HI-CG, FR
WD The Netherlands
Hycarz Singapore
WellTune Singapore

Hybrid shops offering some or all of the following:
hybrid pack repair,Pack reconditioning, replacement packs, as well as charger harness installs.
Mikes Shop
EV Powers
Green Earth Hybrid
Go Green Hybrid
GEG diagnostics UK
Bumblebee Batteries
To contact a charger owner on IC send private message to his screen name here:
Insight Central Forum