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New consulting relationship with GreenTecAuto begins

I thought I was going to retire and play with my many projects but karma has different plans for me.
I recently committed to a long term consulting arangement with a GreenTecAuto to help them ramp up their already extensive battery rebuilding business , by developing faster and more efficient testing and production equipment .

greentecauto website
They rebuild most types of batteries and have branch facilities in several states, and they are opening more as the need arises.
Their latest branch office is here in beautiful North Grosvenordale CT just 3 miles from my place.

The company is a family owned and operated, and and after a week long visit to there Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Sacremento facilities, I was very impressed with their attitude towards customer satisfaction, and their commitment towards continuing improvement of their processes to providing the best replacement batteries for the best price.
Of course much of what we develop will be proprietary, but I want to share what I can here on
More to come .

Retired Again Yea!

After working with Greentec on some chargers and testing systems I am now going to work on the projects that I need to do on my property and things that I am interested in. Hope Greentec does well and I enjoyed Working with them.

(Posted 8/30/2016 by mikey)