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What is Genesis One?

What is Genesis One?
Genesis One logo

I have been a creative guy most of my life. I think it has a lot to do with my Dad who was born in 1914 and lived as a poor Polish immigrant's son, and had to drop out of school in the 6th grade to help support his family during the last big depression.
My Dad saw utility in everything, and thought himself to be a machinist, electrician,wood worker, TV repairman, plumber, and auto mechanic. I was his helper, and picked up lots of cool out of the box ways of fixing things and solving problems.

My career started right after high school in the army where I trained as a field carrier and radio technician, and got my basis in electronics.

When I got out of the Army, I got my first job as a TV repair technician. In six months I started "Color TV and Stereo Clinic", where I serviced TVs during the transition from tubes to transistors. After ten years of that stressful business, where I saw things moving towards throwaway TV,s and the end of my livelihood. I took a job as a field service engineer for the Metritape level gauging company. After 6 years of international traveling for up to 80% of my year, I moved into the engineering department, and got deeply into designing and building a computerized level gauging system.I became their research and development engineer.I developed many machines and fixtures as well as developing an improved version of their level gauge sensor. In 1988, I left the company after 10 years but continued with them as my largest consulting customer even to this day.

A special thanks to Al Ehrenfried the president of Metritape, who is a dear friend today who encouraged me to grow into the many new fields that I was delving into. We all should have a boss like that in our life.
This is the point where I became a Technical consultant and Genesis One came into being.
Some consulting projects that I was the only or primary engineer, and the fabricator as well:

Design of Polyscan:
Medical & Scientific Enterprises
Medical scanner patent
Medical scanner

Started as contract manufacturer, became a design consultant for the Polysacan project, I was the primary designer, and fabricator of the 4 prototype machines, and was hired full time in the position of vice president and technical director, as the company built and sold 40 of the machines.
I left the company to pursue my technical consulting.

Jowa Consilium , formally Metritape.
Jowa Consilium

Level gauging sensor manufacture.
Design and fabrication of:
Computer controller dual co2 laser welding process that makes the outer sheath/diaphragm for the companies level gauging product.
Lasers weld two seams in two 1.5" wide X 1.5mill thick hastaloy-C foil strips to make a hermetically sealed,flat metal tube.A real time microscopic video monitoring system and full Labview based control system allow real time process feedback, as well as full instrumentation and test the finished welded tube with an in line helium leak detector system that marks any pinhole leaks.The same machine welds a hermetic seal on the end of the tube.

Laser welder

Design and fabrication of
Computer controller plastic fusing, co extruding system that fuses two laminated plastic/aluminum layups together as well as edge coating,for a lower cost version of the level sensors outer sheath/diaphragm.
Plastic fusing and edge coating machine

High temperature Teflon welder and stretcher.
An earlier project was to fuse two 20 mill FEP teflon webs into a flat tube with precise inner width, and as the material was stretched and frozen in length by 10%.

Teflon stretching and fusing machine

Design and fabrication of many complex assembly fixtures for the sensor production and test.
Assembly fixtures and tools
Hastaloy cleaner
Hastaloy cleaner

Check point Environmental:
Design and fabrication of an all terrain 6 wheeled portable vibratory well drilling machine.
Machine drove 25' sections of steel pipe into the ground for water sampling.
A hand held hydraulic junction crimping tool allowed sections to be added, for over 25 foot wells. A hydraulic puller could remove the pipe if required.
Built 4 of the machhines.
checkwell all terrain well driller

The years of TV repair and field service for Metritape gave me lots of one on one working experience with all types of people.
I have, and continue to have the pleasure of working with many creative people all over the world, and have come to recognize that we all have that creative inventive spirit, The genesis spark, it just needs to be allowed to flow from our spirit and intuition, and not be limited by insecurity about possible failure, and doubts about our ability to learn something new.

When this force is allowed to flow, new connections are made, and new things are created.
I decided to call my consulting company Genesis One,LLC in honor of the Genesis or creative force within all of us.

As a consultant I continued to work in a wide range of specialties as summarized on my business card above.

Now I find my self turning my talents to simple and effective ways to cut our carbon production, and to share it via my website with the world. We can get out of the mess we are in, but it will take a new way of looking at the world, and a willingness to do what it takes to move quickly towards a much smaller carbon footprint for us all. This is the time where we need to find and use the Genesis force within each of us, and together change the way we live towards a sustainable lifestyle.
My Honda Insight

Here are some of the projects that I just do for fun.
Here is the worlds only ride in robot Halloween costume.
Sparkie the robot

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Labor saving yard buggy

EV telephone truck

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