The end of the Plug and Play MIMA, and MIMA2
MIMA introduction
MIMA Operation
MIMA Users Page
Installing MIMA with The Plug and Play harness
Installing MIMA with the pin replacement harness
The MIMA Joystick
The MIMA Display
The FAS system
Cable impedance problem with last MIMA systems.
Learning to drive with MIMA
Hardwired Harness
Level 1 Installation
2. Disassembly
3. Thread the Harness
4. Threading the Harness, Cont'
5. Opening the Harness
6. Level 1 Install (rear connections)
7. Fan Diodes Install
Yellow Pin 4 to Red/Yellow wire MAMODE 1 ECM side (Splice)Green Pin 5 to MCM side of wire(splice)
Violet Pin 7 to Blue/Black CMDPWR ECM side (Splice)Gray Pin 8 to MCM side (splice)
Red Pin 12 to Blue /White VSS MCM C-4
Fan control Diodes (Tap)
8. Battery Amp Monitor Rear Connections
9. Mounting the MIMA system in the car.
10. Level One wiring test.
11. Level 1 Check first power up
12. The first MIMA operational test
13. Testing the fan control wiring
14. Confirming temp probe and fan control operation
Level 2 install
Theory of Operation

Violet Pin 7 to Blue/Black CMDPWR ECM side (Splice)Gray Pin 8 to MCM side (splice)

The second and final splice connections are made to this Blue /Black wire from MCM C-2.The Blue /Black wire is cut at the splice area. The end of the wire that goes to the MCM-C connector will splice with the Ribbon gray wire pin 8. The end of the wire that leads to the front of the car will splice with the Violet Ribbon wire pin7. STST the connections.

This PWM signal is the direct controller of the level of assist and charge. It is a 2khz 50% duty cycle signal when no assist or charge is required, increases to 90% duty cycle when full assist is required, and to 10% duty cycle when full charge is required.