Connecting the FAS relay system

Connecting the FAS relay system
FAS connections to harness

The optional FAS relay system allows MIMA to stop the fuel injectors from firing, and to parallel the clutch switch so that the car will stay in the stalled condition until:
1. The brakes are activated enough times to deplete the brake boost vacuum. The car will automatically restart when this happens so the brakes will always work.
2. You step on the gas.
3. You shift out of neutral.
This makes coasting engine off, which can be a great fuel saver, safe.
The ECM chart above shows in blue all of the FAS connections. These connections are identical to the MIMA harness connections.
Pay particular attention to the two white wires with black stripes. One twisted pair (shorter) consist of two white/black stripped wires, and another twisted pair of one white /black twisted with a solid white.
The shorter twisted pair with both white/black striped wires is the DC/DC converter enable wire. These two wires will plug into the white/black wires that are plugged into each other at the end of the ECM harness.
The other white twisted with white/black pair is plugged into the ECM connector to open one of the fuel injector wires.
The brown wire of the FAS plugs into the brown wire from the MIMA ECM harness, and is the FAS activation line from the MIMA system.