The end of the Plug and Play MIMA, and MIMA2
MIMA introduction
MIMA Operation
MIMA Users Page
Installing MIMA with The Plug and Play harness
Installation and introduction
1. Disassembly
2. Gaining access to the opening behind the seats
3. Threading the DB-25 to the front
4. Installing the rear connections
5. Mounting the MIMA system in the car.
Running the DB-25 under the rug
The distribution board
Mounting the MIMA kill switch
The Kill sw socket
6. Accessing and connecting to the ECM
7. Installing the MIMA joysticks
8. Mounting the display
9. First powerup
10. The first MIMA operational test
Installing MIMA in a RHD Insight
Installing MIMA with the pin replacement harness
The MIMA Joystick
The MIMA Display
The FAS system
Cable impedance problem with last MIMA systems.
Learning to drive with MIMA
Hardwired Harness
Theory of Operation

Running the DB-25 under the rug

Running the DB-25 under the rug
Running the DB-25 to the distribution board

The DB-25 cable that we just ran from the back will be routed on the driver side of the e-brake, under the rug, and into the shift console. Be careful to route the body of the cable down into the rug where it first emerges, so it does not interfere with the shift console mounting screws. The connector is plugged into the distribution board, and the two thumb scret retainers are tightened to hold it in place. The distribution board is laid into the space between the shift mechanism and the front wire harness that is mounted to the shift console front upright tubes. The db-25 will sit right behind the MIMA mounting bracket.