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First zero carbon test drive

First zero carbon test drive
EV telephone truck is ready to get to work

For the first test ride, I clamped on an amp meter, and took my first ride around the yard, up some hills, tried first, second, third gears. In first, the average current draw was in the 60-75A range, it climbed hills with no more than 150A, and it even started off in third gear from a stop.
I need amp and voltmeters before I get better data.
Don't need the 6:1, this configuration has more power than required for my around the yard moving of the machine.
The bucket has dual controls, one set in the bucket, a second on the end of a 20 foot cable so the boom can be used as a remote crane. The boom hydraulics run off a 36V golf cart motor. The 55V solar panel array will keep the battery's charged and ready to go.

It would be great to make a remote steering and motor control system in the bucket, so I could ride around up there. It would get pretty hairy with the boom at it's 25 foot level. The thing crawls at very low speed, so it would be possible in theory.

The hydraulic boom could let the solar array track the sun, bigger array?

Too many projects, not enough time.
For now,the EV telephone truck is ready to go to work.