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Engine Blanket 10/20/07
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The Engine Blanket
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The Engine Blanket

The Engine Blanket
Engine Balnket

I mentioned this idea long ago at Insight Central. There had been, and still is, much discussion on keeping the little 3cyl warm. As we get to the point of more ICE off time, whether in extended FAS or EV only mode, particularly in winter, we need to retain the heat in the block/tranny assembly. I have the idea to more or less wrap the engine in a blanket. I sourced some very nice material that is rated at 1000F continuous contact, 3000F intermittent, and has excellent properties such as moisture/oil and abrasion resistance. Probably overkill, but I didn't want any trouble. This picture may be a little small for good viewing, but I will update, and add more before to long, as this is the mod I am having to make myself get finished.