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Killing the EPS Fault Indicator.

Killing the EPS Fault Indicator.
Insight EPS Control Box

I enjoy this little car, and I think there are others out there that would like to do some of these mods, and just need a picture or two, and to know that it will work. Here's an easy one. (Based on my early '01 model 5MT)

Many Insighters have pulled the power steering fuse (40A, #15, under-hood fuse box), not only to have a stiffer feel to the handling, but also to save some amp usage on the 12v system. But doing so, brings on that pesky EPS fault indicator on the dash. Recently while searching the manuals for a way to kill that EPS fault indicator, I happened on an easy fix. Simply unplug the EPS connector B (14 pin green) from the EPS control box, which is located, very near the ECM, behind the passengers kick-panel carpet. This will eliminate the fault indicator, and no trouble codes show up on OBD.

To get at the EPS control box, you will have to remove the rocker panel, and then carefully work the far upper/outside edge of the carpet back from under the dash. Since the release tab for the green connector, is on the back side, I had to remove the EPS box by removing the two (2) mounting bolts (10mm socket). Look closely at the picture, and you can see the relief which I cut in the upper mounting flange so the upper bolt would not have to be completely removed every time. Simply loosen the upper one and remove the lower one, the next time around. If you chose to cut the relief, it will take you longer to do that, than it will to put everything back together once you are done. This is very easy to do, easily reversible, and involves no wire cutting. I haven't tried it, but it looks like you could just reach over the top edge of the carpet, and plug it in, if you wanted to reverse your decision.