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Grid charger code V3.0 manual
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Installing the Genesis One Universal grid charger in an Insight
Installing the Genesis One Universal grid charger in a First Gen Civic
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Engine Blanket 10/20/07
Engine Blanket 10/21/07
Engine Blanket 10/23/07
Engine Blanket 10/25/07
Engine Blanket 11/03/07
Engine Blanket 11/25/07
Engine Blanket 12/12/07
Engine Blanket 4/03/08
Engine Blanket 6/03/07
Engine Blanket 7/15/07
Engine Blanket 9/30/07
Engine Blanket Installed 6/04/07
Engine Blanket 6/02/07
Getting ready for grid tie-in. 10/21/07
Grid Tie-in 11/25/07
On board charger. 5/17/08
Killing the EPS Fault Indicator.
The Engine Blanket
Paul's Adventures in alternative evergy
Western Washington University X-Prize car
Finding The Best Hybrid Mix
E-wheel for any vehicle

Engine Blanket 6/02/07

Engine Blanket 6/02/07
Engine Blanket Layout

This picture shows the blanket laid out on the floor, with the outside of the material showing. The shiny side will go towards the engine, with the end nearest the bottom of the pic going around the drivers side of the engine bay. The rectangular hole is for the engine mount near the under-hood fuse box. The much smaller square hole, in the next panel up, in the picture, is for the left hand side engine mount. The round hole just above the magic marker circle is for the upper radiator hose, and the lower hose goes through a hole toward the left side of the pic, near the end of the zipper. All the zippers are on the outside of the blanket, and protected by an overlap of material, on the engine side. Toward the top of the picture, you can see the short panel that will go around toward the back left side of the engine, with a large cutout for the heater hoses, throttle cable, and other items, going into the cabin through the firewall. The shorter openings, are closed with high temp hook-n-loop fastening, and the zippers, when the blanket is installed, zip shut going down. Top and bottom panels have not yet been cut.