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MIMA # 69P,76P,78P,93P Texas install and Insight gathering

MIMA # 69P,76P,78P,93P   Texas  install and Insight gathering
Texas gathering

Jay Straub, Kirk Holman, Eric Moore, and Bob Franklin invited me to fly out to Jay's place near Fort Worth Texas to help with the installation of the four Mima systems. Unfortunately all the photos I took were lost due to my new notebook crashing when I got home. These photos were taken by Chuck Thomas who also attended the event Thanks Chuck.
Jay's comments:
The MIMA users that have already posted here have shared a great deal of knowledge on the MIMA system. I can't add much to that part of it. As of right now, my best experience on one tank of gas involved three days of in town driving in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area followed by a 340 mile drive to Amarillo, and a day of driving in town there, followed by the 340 mile drive back home to the DFW area. I accomplished all of that on one tank of gas and averaged 86.3 miles per gallon for the tank.
I was still pretty much a novice at operating MIMA when I made this trip. I didn't even use the PIMA mode on this journey. I suspect I might have exceeded the 86.3 mpg average if I had used PIMA.
I am very impressed with Mike's MIMA system, but the main thing I want to make light of is his generosity, helpful attitude, and sincerity in wanting to do something to help us cut back our oil use and expense.
It was a real pleasure getting to meet Mike and I would like to share in how that happened. Not long after I discovered Mike's website I decided that I wanted to get MIMA installed on my Insight. I have a couple of ailments that have kind of shut down most of my getting into this type of work. So, I called Mike to see how possible it would be for me to drive up to Connecticut and have him do the install for me. He said he would do that but he hated to see me have to drive all that way to get it done.
A little further into the conversation Mike said that there were two other people in Texas that had ordered MIMA from him in this round of production. He said he would enjoy coming to Texas if the other two gentlemen wanted to pitch in on his airfare, hotel, and a good Texas steak, BBQ, or Tex-Mex dinner. WOW!!! You can see what I mean about his generosity and kindness. He just asked us to pay his expenses to come here and do this.

Before all of us got it worked into the schedule and set the date, there was one more gentleman from Ft. Worth that found out what was happening and ordered his MIMA and joined us in the project. There were also a couple of others that already had MIMA that came out to my house to offer moral support and friendship while all of this was getting done.
Those two days with Mike were a real pleasure and I just can't say enough about his knowledge, expertise, and helpfulness. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next! Hopefully a battery pack or something along that line!