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MIMA# 24 IamIan

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Ian's FAS and MIMA joystick mount
With MIMA I now have the power to do things I always wanted to... when going up a hill I can turn off the forced charge ... I can use full Assist even at 100+ MPG ... With FAS I can put the car in fuel cut mode without haveing to be in gear and have the drag of the Engine ... In short I would say that depending on the road I am seeing at least a minimum of 10% improvment in MPG and some of the very irritateing things I can now make go away...
MIMA , PIMA , FAS are all VERY easy to use... Although I admit I mainly use the MIMA more than PIMA or FAS.
I have been using MIMA now for a few months.. I am up to ~90,000 Miles On my Inight... No problems so far at all...

Anyone with an Insight who enjoys driving .. Or who wants to get the most MPG they can... I would strongly recomend a MIMA system.

Ian George