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MIMA # 080P Allert Jacobs first MIMA in the Netherlands

MIMA # 080P Allert Jacobs  first MIMA in the Netherlands
Allerts Insight

Allert had his battery, BCM, and MCM replaced under warranty on his 2000 MT in 2007. After the replacement he found that he only got assist for a few seconds at a time, and eventually developed recalibrations at 6-7 bars from the bottom of the SOC guage.
He uses his velomobile for much of his driving, so the Insight can sit for months at a time.
Allerts report:
I've installed MIMA, so far I've only used MIMA active, I will try PIMA later when I become more familiar with the system.
Till now everything works fine.
There is one thing that puzzles me though. I've noticed that after the MCM and BCM have been replaced, along with the replacement of the battery pack back in 2007, I can only get full assist for five or ten seconds if the SOC indicates a full battery. If the SOC indicates about three to four bars from the top the full assist is limited to one or two seconds and drops to half and none in the next few seconds.
Using MIMA active I can get the SOC down to one or two bars, but I still can't get assist for more than a few seconds after the SOC has dropped to three or four bars from the top.
Before the BCM, MCM and battery replacement, I could sustain full assist regardless of the SOC.
By the way, FAS is great and yes, I've had that MIMA grin yesterday.

Allert made a grid charger/balancer, and had the following results:
He discharged the pack to 100V using a lightbulb, then charged to full with about 300ma of charge.
When driving I now can sustain full assist for 3 to 4 minutes.
When the SOC is down to one bar, the BCM stops the assist, after that it is only possible to get assist for just one second as long as SOC shows one bar.
I have not had a recall or IMA light so far, although I have only driven it for 60 km. But I have done two full cycles on the battery during that trip.
The IMA light and recall usually appeared when the SOC got down to 6 or 7 bars, now I'm able to get it to one or zero bars without a recall or IMA light.
The two full cycles with the light bulb seem to have refreshed the battery.
I think it is now save to conclude that the BCM/MCM are fine and the problems are due to memory effect of the battery and /or balance problems caused by very extensive use.
To keep the battery in good shape I will charge it with 300mA to full every one or two weeks when I don't drive the car.
To make that easier I have made a socket in the booth, see photo.
I have added a photo of the slightly different way I mounted the joy stick, and one of the kill switch I have replaced with one that looks OEM next to the headlight adjustment controls which the US models don't seem to have.
Check out his website. Allert builds velomobiels.