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MIMA # 033 Jason H

MIMA # 033  Jason H
Jason and Mike just before the trek back home

Well, it's been just about a month since my trip to Connecticut to have MIMA installed on my '06 Insight and I have a few things I'd like to share. First off, what a drive! I left my hometown of Evansville, IN at about 4 AM on Sunday morning and was in Hartford, CT (still an hour away from Mike) at my hotel at 10 PM. I really punished myself on the way home though, driving straight through and stopping only to refuel.
A little background info on my car; it's an '06 with some odd battery behavior from time to time. I'll sometimes get positive recals, especially in cold weather. I'd be cruising along with a SOC low enough to make the car do it's forced background charge and after some time and with no warning, the SOC jumps to the top and all regen stops completely. After ten minutes or so of normal driving (and regen still not functioning) I'll get a mild to moderate negative recal. Then my regen functions normal and in a few miles the SOC is back up. Odd and frustrating, and of course the techs at my local Honda dealer don't even know what a recal is.
I'm pleased to report that after living with MIMA for a month I haven't had ANY recals, positive or negative. And as a really unexpected bonus, my battery charges and discharges in a much more linear fashion. The SOC doesn't quickly disappear during certain "assist heavy" portions of my daily commute, and before MIMA I definitely noticed this.
As for mileage, it's still a bit early to get really good numbers, but I topped off the tank as soon as I got back home and to my normal driving... the mileage for the first full tank was 84.3mpg. And my best pre-MIMA tank avg was only 78.2. So with the first tank I've shattered my old record, I can't wait to see how much MIMA will help in the less efficient winter months.
I'll be at HybridFest '07 in just a little over two weeks and participating in the MPG competition. Hope to see everyone there, and please say hi if you recognize me. My car should be easy enough to spot, I'll bet it will be the only '06 with leather seats and MIMA.

-Jason Holder