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MIMA # 50 Dan Carrington

MIMA # 50 Dan Carrington
Dan's joysticks

Here are pics of my dual joysticks. Both are built without the circuit boards. The shifter is cut away to fit the parts. I sliced the outer rubber to the base to run the ribbon wire down, and glued back with silicone and put some heat shrink at the bottom ledge to keep it from opening up. The ribbon wire was then fit through the stock gap in the boot, next to the shifter shaft. When the console loose, I fished under and pulled the ribbon wire through and then put a connector on it for the motherboard connection. The armrest is from ebay. I had to buy an un-glued lid to do the install as the normal ones are glued really well. The ribbon wire runs out the back and then under the consoles and carpet. Both work with my thumb. Forward for boost, rearward for regen, up and down for PIMA regen adjust and settings.