MIMA 009 JoeMultihuller

MIMA 009 JoeMultihuller
Joe's control panel

Just came back from my first short drive after installing MIMA. Haven't even tried PIMA yet, and it will be some time before I can match Highwater's and Predrag's writeups. We need someone to produce a custom MIMA Grin cartoon or emoticon or whatever, as I can't stop smiling. MIMA adds another dimension to the fun and excitement of owning an Insight! Laughing

Kudos to Mike for all his time and effort in providing us with the IMA control capability that Honda didn't. The design and implementation are marvelous - few of us fully understand his depth of knowledge and hands-on expertise needed to accomplish this. It took a tremendous effort on his part to share this with us and produce the kit and especially to carefully consider and address so many safety-related issues in the design. Thank you Mike!

For those of you taking the plunge, be sure to allow a full day for the install as you definitely do not want to rush this! Took me a little longer because I was very slow and fussy. I found that taking out the passenger seat made it much easier to access the wiring.

I'm really looking forward to enjoying this new driving experience! Cheers, JoeS. Cool