Solarfest 2013

Solarfest 2013
Some Fun In the Sun at Solarfest

Got an invitation to the minimaker faire at Solarfest in VT this year, so I got the trailer to the point where it was useable. I added two outriggers for the small 12" and large 12 sq foot Fresnel lenses.
The 180 mile trip where I pulled it with my Prius was interesting, I normally get 47-55 MPG, the MPG dropped to ~ 23MPG.
The event was on Sunday, and the sun cooperated for most of the day, so we got to try and cook a Pizza, and melted a lot of rocks to glass.Since Solarfest is a family event, lots of young future scientist attended
People were very interested in seeing a rock that they picked up off the ground, turn into a shiny black blob of glass.
Lots of ideas as to what to do to finish the concept, and we will blog about them here as they get finished.