Running on batteries

Running on batteries
first run of the Inverter

Finally got the programming for the inverter and charge controllers set up.
One of the charge controllers would not connect to the PC for firmware update, and after determining that the problem was a bad board in the unit, Midnight solar is sending be a new board. I could have got a whole new unit, but that would involve removing the controller and wiring from the system,so I opted to wait for just the board.
The inverter is set up so it will run off the batteries as long as the battery volts are above 48V. If they drop below that value for 6 minutes, the inverter automatically switches back to the grid.
The option to recharge the batteries off the grid when the voltage drops, is there, but I opted to disable that so the solar can do all the recharging.
When the battery voltage is greater than 56.8V for a preset time, the inverter again turns off the grid, and powers the loads.
This is the first time I have tried to run the inverter off the batteries, and was very disappointed in how short the run time was.
It seems that sitting idle for most of the last 3 years in the EV bucket truck has drastically reduced the capacity. I will do some equilization charging to see if I can get them desulphated. Having a 48v 220AH battery in the EV truck that at most needs to move the truck 4 times a year, was probably not the best use of the batteries.
Think I will make up several 48V NIMH packs from the Prius subpacks and just install them with Anderson connectors when I want to use the vehicle. Will do the same with the electric buggy.