Getting some experience with DC

Getting some experience with DC
making some quick and dirty test connections

While waiting for the inverter , and charge controllers, This is the time to do some experimenting.
I set up the panels so there were 3 in series, for 108V @ the max power point, and 135 Open circuit.
In full sun, the panels are rated for 5.4A SC and 5.14A at power point.
with voltage in this range, 120V heaters will operate nicely, and two strings in series would run a 240V heater.
The only issue is the switching circuit must be able to quench the arc produced when the circuit is turned off. Same issue as the main relays in our 144v hybrid battery pack.
I will rig up some nichrome heaters that will run directly off the solar panels.
To do the experiments, I have run the full output of the system to the garage area (~ 60 feet)with # 6 wire so I can do the heater experiments where it is safe.
Want to see if I can heat the garage with the solar energy electrically.