New England Hybrid Festival 2013
Mikes You Tube Videos
Mikes Saturday Hybrid-Solar- Electric Workshop
IMA-EV mod workshop 1 discussing the options
IMA-EV mod workshop 1 gen 3 civic to gen 1 Insight IMA differences
IMA-EV mod
disassembly of clutch and flywheel from IMA motor
removing the (IMA motor
engine to rotor interface
14 year old cars have rust issues
The transmission is operational
getting the shift linkage and output shaft made
workshops 2013 Figuring out the 5 speed transmission
New Saturday workshop helper
Civic power electronics
IMA motor temp
IMA motor is added to my inventory
Cutting deeper
Thoughts on my ideal Insight pack
Prius subpacks in an Insight
Other projects
Early results of subpack testing
Silver pack reassembled.
Insight 20 AH lithium battery system
Grid charger Users page
Mikes Surplus Loft
Renewable energy exhibits
New England Hybrid festival 2014


Some of the fun projects for this year

Time to get some help on the many projects underway.
EV bucket truck battery mount wiring and test, new solar tracker drive system, inventory damage to green machine and begin repair/removal of engine and IMA, build 48V prius subpack with pressure switch for charge termination,Ev ATV, cycle old 6V batteries for use on EV bucket truck.Finish the test point breakout panels on the Insight on a stand, make Insight IMA electric motor stand alone with bearings and end plates. Thats just the start.
Have fun, and learn about how this stuff works, and help me with my green projects.