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14 year old cars have rust issues

14 year old cars have rust issues
Making the Insight safe again

My 3 Insights are all 14 years old, and after having the breaks and gas lines fail on 2 of the cars, I am looking at the items that any Insight owner will need to deal with to keep the car safe, and running as long as possible. Will start with the serious gas and brake line rust issues. I got a set of lines and parts from Majestic Honda, and luckily They are only 35 miles from here, so I could drive out and get the long crazy break lines. One gas like is too big to ship so their parts list does not show it, but it can be included with the order if you get the part nymber from their sales guy.
I should have got under the car and removed the covers, as it became obvious that one should always replace both the brake and gas lines as they share many of the same clamps, and both would make a very bad day for you if they failed while you were on the road.Ordered the gas lines and clamps and will wait to start the project until all the parts are in hand.
Also very lucky to have a buddy just a few miles from here that has a great workshop with overhead car lift. Would hate to try this in my pit or on jack stands.