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IMA-EV mod workshop 1 discussing the options
IMA-EV mod workshop 1 gen 3 civic to gen 1 Insight IMA differences
IMA-EV mod
disassembly of clutch and flywheel from IMA motor
removing the (IMA motor
engine to rotor interface
14 year old cars have rust issues
The transmission is operational
getting the shift linkage and output shaft made
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Silver pack reassembled.
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Other projects

Other projects
some of the projects we will be working on

Other projects that are in the works, not necessarily in any order.
1. Insight on a stand:
Get ICE to run continuously.
Add output axles and wheel spindles so Motor generators can be attached.(full hybrid dyno functionality)
Add the transmission lift system powered by the EPS unit.
Test IMA system operation with dyno.

2.Develop Prius inverter driver to power the modified synergy MG set for potential EV use.

3.Develop Insight Battery test system that will look at individual subpack voltages on all 20 subpacks, four temp sensors, current in and out of pack, SOC and capacity test.

4. Develop replacement for the Insight battery that has higher capacity cells, and lithium chemistry.

5. Mounting of EV modified Prius synergy drive in a stripped down Insight, with full conversion to EV as the final goal.

6. V-boost integration into Insight system, and control tie in with MIMA.

7. Development of MIMA based MPG maximizing cruise control that will control throttle as well as IMA.

8. MIMA LCD display, and steering wheel mounted Joystick

9.High speed E-wheel

10. Bolt on E-wheel drive system for one of the existing Insight rear wheels.

11. convert telephone truck to full electric.

12. build data acquisition system for Insight battery pack.

13. Determine best way to add solar pack charger.

14. Put bearings and output shaft on the Insight IMA motor.

15. Determine best adhesion system for direct solar cell application to the roof and hood.