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Prius subpacks in an Insight

Prius subpacks in an Insight
Hacking the spare Insight battery case

Will Chabotte came up for the Jan 19 workshop, and we got into hacking the ribs out of the spare Insight battery case.
A sharp carpenters saw did a nice job cutting the plastic, but only after we put in a good deal of elbow grease.
If the side ribs are also removed, we can get 20 subpacks into the Insight case. It is a toss up as to whether this is the best route to go, as the sawing and modifications are time consuming,and we still have to deal with cooling the subpacks properly, and making all the connections, but in theory it can be made to work.
A custom case with the cooling and subpack clamping considered in the design will make a better functioning solution, but the case would need to be built from scratch.
It's never easy.