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Hybrid Battery Repair

Hybrid Battery Repair
Ron and Mike at Hybrid Battery Repair shop

Ron from Hybrid Battery repair offered to give me several Civic and insight power electronics packages, so My buddy Paul offered to drive the 650 mile round trip in his Prius so we could check out Ron's battery rebuilding system and pick up the toys.
Ron has an effective system to cycle each 12 cell section of the packs while recording the AH capacity. After several cycles, he charges them and does an additional discharge at high rate on a single subpack while plotting the discharge curve on a computer. The shape of the curve is a good indicator as to the condition of the subpack.
The pack is reassembled, and charged as a unit after any sub-optimum subpacks are replaced with subpacks of
similar AH capacity to the rest of the pack, so all subpacks are as close to the same as possible.
Ron's website
Thanks to Ron for the power electronics and the tour of his shop.