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Battery pack rebalancing?

Battery pack rebalancing?
HV taps WARNING this will fry you.

WARNING, the batterypack can and will kill you if you contact the hot terminals, so do not try this if not fully comfortable with working on HV DC circuits.

A look at the Saturday workshop efforts will show that Ian has rebalanced the silver Insights battery pack using the Triton smart charger. A lot of work, as the pack must be pulled and disassembled. James Frye from Reno, has duplicated the procedure for his consistantly recalibrating pack, and we await the results.
Another approach to this rebalancing has been suggested by Armin Kusig who has been grid charging his battery pack each night with a gentle 300MA charge. Since the info on NIMH batteries would indicate that a low current charge of the batteries should not do any damage or substantially reduce the life of the batteries, it may be a better way to do a rebalancing.
The battery pack current control/interconnect board allows access to both ends of the battery pack, and therefore is the best place to connect a series charger. The indicated points are only HOT when the main switch is on.We will be building up a constant current charge system to give this a try, and will report the results here.