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Calibration and test of components and boards

Calibration and test of components and boards
calibrating and testing

Very busy week of work, where I developed the fixtures for making the assembly and test process as efficient as possible.
The analog card, controller card, power supplies, LCD displays, chassis assembly, all benefit from some simple fixtures to aid in the processes.
Have captured the labor to assemble the chargers, now we need to determine the test, calibration, and final assembly and full power test labor.
At that point we will have captured the whole process, and can get the pricing firmed up.
Still have a lot of work to do to attach the fan and temp boards to the harnesses, fabricate more temperature probes, and then do a 100% wiring and functionality test of the complete harnesses, which will require another fixture.
All of the controller and analog boards need to be run through the test and calibration process, and then the full charger will be assembled.
Still have some quantity of controller and analog boards that have been stuffed, and need to be soldered, so any help we can get will make a huge difference at this point where all the pieces come together.
Install instructions and video, operator manual, and finishing the software will be the final task, before we can be sending these chargers into the world.
The devils in the details, and there are a lot of them in this project.