epoxy forming and display painting

epoxy forming and display painting
mounting display

First we will cover both the front and rear surfaces of the dash and steering column bezel so the epoxy does not discolor or stick to it.
The two pieces of plastic are held in position with black tape.Next we mix some epoxy putty, and form it into two long round strips a thin one is placed below the front surface, and a thicker one on the back. The back piece is pressed against the rear of the display. The display is put in position in the crack, and centered on the FCD display. Tip the display so that in your normal driving position, you can see the FCD bargraph, and form the epoxy to hold it in this angle while fitting the contour of the underling dash.
After the epoxy sets up, sand and shape the epoxy so it looks nice.
Place some of the red backed doublestick tape on the rear area of the display epoxy and cut the doublestick so it matches the sanded display base, but do not remove the backing.Use the supplied strip of aluminum tape as an led mask,and then paint the display and epoxy flat or satin finished black. When the paint is dry, peel off the led mask, and the doublestick backing to expose the sticky material.Pass the display ribbon through the slot, and stick it to the dash so the center red led is exactly in line with the C in the FCD.Once you are happy with the position, press the doublestick onto the dash, and your display is mounted.