Building MIMA and the plug in adapters

Building MIMA and the plug in adapters
MIMA system

A year and a half, and I am getting down to the last of the MIMA systems.
The plug in boards have performed nicely, with only a few issues like an additional pin required for Japanese insights and the 2006 model year. My 100% testing only let one intermittent connection get by.
Now I am running out of built joysticks and plug in adapters so I have to set up the production line again for the last time, but this time I need to build all of it my self.
The plug in adapters while the best Harness to date, take several hours each to build,and the components are expensive as well. The controller and circuit boards hours more,and more parts, Joystick and display more cost and time in hand fabrication and assembly.
This Is why the Plug in MIMA will not be built again, I could work for burger king and make a better hourly wage.