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Building a better joystick

Building a better joystick
Finishing the MIMA joystick

All previous systems came with a bare PC board with joystick and two switches,some epoxy putty, and some on line examples of how one may finish the joystick with some careful putty application.I personally made an epoxy box around the board that allowed me to put leather over the epoxy, with the two switches just below the leather so they could be operated by pressing the leather above them. It makes them difficult to press by accident, and keeps the dust out. I felt bad that even at the higher price for the system, I only had a bare board joystick. Wanting to give you guys a finished system, I came up with a way to finish each joystick to a nice looking version of my joystick.The process doubled the labor and adds some cost to each joystick, but I will absorb that so your job will be much easier. Enjoy!