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Remote monitoring of the charge process

Remote monitoring of the charge process
portable remote monitoring

Was at BJ's club the other nite, and saw a cool Uniden video surveillance system with tow camers and a monitor. The unit can use 4 monitors, had built in memory stick recording, and the cameras have a 500 foot transmision range.
Been looking for a video system, so I got one.
After playing with the unit, I found that it did a decent job and has good resolution.Walls, metal things will reduce the range, but I found that I could place the cameras anywhere in the house and be able to see the video from anywhere in the house. I was running a soak on a pack, and wanted to keep tabs on the progress, so I set up the two camers one looking at the labview graphs, and the other reading the charger display,
Works nicely. The cameras can work easily between the car and the house, so remote viewing of the charger progress in the car is also possible.
Cool gadget, but not I need to get another so I can use it as planned.