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Getting past the drop out to see what is happening.
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EV Insight with a Prius heart
Grid charger Operating Instructions V1.2
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getting a better overview

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Draft version of data logger

After playing with the data logger from parallax, I decided we should have a more user friendly system that would not only save the data for analysis, but show the data in real time while the charger was running. This screen grab of the program is not the final version, as it does not have the file saving set up yet, but shows how the basic system would look. The graphs are dynamic, so things like scrolling through a long data stream, changing scales, and many other cool things are built in.
We have added the capability of the PC based program to change any variable, read the actual variables, start and stop a charge, and control the charge from the PC. This allows the much more capable PC based program to do diagnostic as well as data logging and graphing the charge, as well as comparing previous charges to see how the charge profile changes with successive charges.