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Theory of Operation

MIMA on demand and MIMA Active (mode1)

 MIMA on demand and MIMA Active  (mode1)
Display for MIMA on demand is same as Mode 1

MIMA ON DEMAND: this is the default mode that MIMA boots up in.

A. In this mode when the joystick is moved out of center either to assist (forward) or regen (rearward), the system switches to MIMA active(mode 1 LED on) and provides direct control of the IMA. When the joystick is released normal IMA is resumed.

B. Joylock: When the stick is moved to the position you like, the Joylock can be activated by a short activation of the joy center switch to lock in that value of assist or regen. The central switch must be pressed with the stick in the assist or regen position that you want to lock. The stick can then be released, and the assist or regen will remain. The locked in value will unlock if the stick is again moved out of center, in either direction, or if the throttle is moved more than 10% from where it was when Joylock was first activated.

C. FAS: When the joystick is centered, pressing the central switch will activate the AR2 output, which is intended to control the FAS (Forced Auto Stall) relay system to kill the fuel to the ICE and stall the engine. For this to work, the car must be in neutral. The engine will restart if the brake vacuum is depleted, if the car is put back into any gear, or if the throttle is depressed. FAS activation is an option that was requested by some Insight owners who wished to include it to activate their separate FAS modification.

MIMA ACTIVE: A short tap of the mode 1 button activates this mode and turns on the mode 1 LED. If the car is moving slower than 5MPH, the system will slowly flash the mode 1 LED, and will revert back to normal IMA mode. Once the speed is greater than the 5MPH, MIMA active will reactivate.

A. When mode 1 is active, MIMA has taken over control of the IMA, so throttle based control of the IMA is disabled. Joystick action directly controls assist and regen.

B. The Joylock feature and FAS feature described above operate exactly the same as above while in this MIMA active mode.