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Theory of Operation

ABC level jog

ABC level jog
ABC or (Automatic Background Charge) is constantly operational in mode 1. ABC is a MAP based activation of a constant charge whenever the MAP indicates that the engine load is less than a set value. There are two means by which ABC can be adjusted, which are explained below. To change the default adjustment mode go to page 6, 2.Option 2 SWAPABCSET When jogging the ABC level, there are 31 levels. Jogging all the way up will give full ABC and all the way down no ABC. On a standard configured joystick a jog to the left towards the mode switches will increase the amount of regen, a jog to the right will decrease the regen, and if jogged to the limit in this direction will eliminate any regen

ABC level jog: The default adjustment mode for ABC is charge level control. The joystick if jogged to the jog left, will increase the level of background charging by 1 for each jog. To see the effect, of the jog, the MAP must be past the ABC activation threshold, so that ABC is active. The best time to adjust ABC is going down a hill and throttling up, as that will assure you are past the activation threshold so the effect of change can be seen on the display. A jog to the right will lower the amount of charging when in this mode. The charge level can be jogged all the way off, which will allow no background charging.