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Dual FAS controls Distribution tie point

Dual FAS controls Distribution tie point
Dual FAS controlls

As many MIMA users know, it can be difficult to induce FAS with the MIMA central joystick, on a bumpy road, as you must keep the joystick centered as you press down. A simple additional FAS switch can be connected directly to the distribution board to offer a second method of doing an FAS. Remember this switch must be a momentary switch, as the injectors must operate when an autostart tries to restart the engine. A future software option will offer auto FAS, whenever the shifter is in neutral for 10 seconds, so it is best to do the external switch in parallel.
Take the distribution board out of the car, and using a heat gun or hair drier, heat the fish paper backing until the hot melt softens and the fish paper can be removed.The photo is really an Xray view of the card, so the large trace at the top is really on the back side. Using a sharp knife or exacto blade, scrape the green solder mask off the trace. If you want to disable MIMA control of the FAS, cut the trace, if you want parallel push buttons, do not cut. Solder a small 2 pin header for the switch, similar to the MIMA kill switch to the board near the chassis ground, and run two small wires from the trace to one pad, and from the chassis ground to the other.Mount and plug in your switch, and you have an additional FAS control button.
The extra switch can also be connected across the joystick central switch as shown above.