Expanding MIMA with the Distribution board ( users projects )

Expanding MIMA with the Distribution board  ( users projects )
Digging deeper

The new Plug and play harness is a big step in the MIMA project.It makes it easy and reversible to tap into any ECM or MCM signal that you like, and has a breadboard area where many of the important signals have already been routed.I know there are several universities planing to use MIMA for hybrid experiments, and expect to see this easy to use interface as a useful tool.
This blog will be your guide to some useful ways to use this feature. Any user can send me their project photos and a text description and I will post it here, with the contributors name.
I will be offering this harness to all MIMA owners at a discount in the near future.
Since all of the ECM and MCM signals pass through this new Plug & Play harness, and with the distribution board, I am hoping that we will be doing a lot of PLAYING.
This setup should allow expansion of our monitoring and control of the IMA system as we continue to dig deeper into the core of the Insight. Several people are working on replacement larger lithium batteries, that will surely bump the cars over 100 MPG on a regular basis, and this interface will prove very useful when tying it all together. An LCD or video display may not be too far away as well, as we start to Play.