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Cycling the pack in the car

Cycling the pack in the car
Cycling the pack in the car

As we look at what we should do with all the new code space and non volatile memory that the new micro controller has available, we decided to make the cycling of the pack a better tool.
The number of automatic cycles will be setable between 1 and 3 cycles. The charge and discharge final data as to start voltage end voltage time, mAh to charge, discharge time, end voltage for each cycle will be stored in eeprom. Two pages of data can be stored for, the 3 cycles, so one can be kept as a reference,and the new cycle will also be stored. This way the pack condition can be captured, and one will be able to compare cycles from previous cycles to the current one as a way to see if the pack is continuing to improve.
I ran a cycle in my car last night which was 25 degreesF
The electric heater was set for 65 degrees, and it was able to keep the pack at 50 to 55F during the process. It was a bit tight back there, but not impossibly so.