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Connecting the discharger to the Pack

Connecting the discharger to the Pack
Connecting the discharger to the charger and harness

The easiest way to connect the discharger is to get another extension harness, that has taps on the two HV wires. The HV wires must be tapped in such a way as to totally eliminate any possibility of the wires shorting, so I pealed back the extension harness outer covering, for a length of 3 inches. The Red harness + wire will have its insulation stripped off just at the beginning of the 3 in opening in the harness sheath. The discharger + wire is twisted with the harness + wire and is soldered and taped with a minimum of 3 wraps of black electrical tape.
The negative discharger wire is attached to the blue -HV wire at the other end of the exposed 3 inch area, in the same fashon as the + wire. After the spliced wires are tapd over, the whole harness splice area wante to be taped with another 3 wraps minimum of black tape to secure and protect the now special discharger extension harness.