Grid Charger
Grid charger owners and location, as well as some service links for hybrid services
Grid charger code V3.0 manual
Understanding the charging and balancing process
Pack discharger
SOC reset device
Insight Battery pack lifter
Grid charger test adapters
Reprogramming the charger
Installing the Genesis One Universal grid charger in an Insight
Installing the Genesis One Universal grid charger in a First Gen Civic
Harness options
The Universal Grid Charger
MIMA Pack Whack and rebalancing the battery
Mikes Insight
EV Insight with a Prius heart
Grid charger Operating Instructions V1.2
Designing a PHEV system for the Civics, Insight 1 and 2 ------------Micro V-Buck PHEV
Doug's V-Boost
Randall's Insight
Paul's Adventures in alternative evergy
Western Washington University X-Prize car
Almost stripped
An Insight on a stand part one IMA/CVT power plant
Behind the seat
Cool Transmission Cooler
CVT valve body
Engine out With Brick's help
Fix for the broken water pump pulley????
Pit ready
Red White & Blue
Something is missing
The stand
Stuff needing replacement
The Dash exposed
The tinsy front end
Totally stripped
Trying to plug it all back in
water pump innards
Wiring harness
Yikes there are parts on the ground
Finding The Best Hybrid Mix
E-wheel for any vehicle

Totally stripped

I got the rest of the stuff out of the car. The harness now has to be reconnected to everything before I forget where things went. I also found that the ABS control board cover was gone, and the PC board was damaged. Bummer!
Totally stripped
Finally down to the bare bones chassis