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144V Insight or civic NIMH replacement HV battery pack

144V Insight or civic NIMH replacement HV battery pack
insight or civic replacement pack ?

In playing with the NIMH 12V packs I decided to see how well they would work if set up as a 12 module (120cell) pack)
I cut the bands on the stock 8- module subpacks and pulled out two of the 12V modules.
I reassembled the sub pack as a 6 module assembly.
A cut off wheel on the right angle grinder cut the bands.
I used my big spot welder and some pipe clamps to clamp the sides tightly as I spot welded the end back on.
The connector bloks and tubing for the cooling system was scavenged to make up the final assembly.
I big pack can make 2 insight packs.
Of course the pack needs to have a mounting system , attachment for the relay board and computer modules designed and built but the surplus modules are pretty reasonable compared to the cylindrical cells used in the stock battery, so this is a possible battery replacement solution for the guy with lots of time good fabrication skils and not so much money.