The plug in and EV packs are too big to handle

The plug in and EV packs are too big to handle
48V section

As you can see from the photo above these EV packs can weigh 1000 lbs or more.
Packs like this which have a very high quality build and cell quality, but are so big and heavy to handle.

The heavy rav4 pack is made up of smaller modules which are manageable.
Many DIY guys like me would love to have a nice 48V lithuim pack to replace the high maintenance lead acid used in most golf carts.and other motorized toys.
Or maybe a 12 or 24V pack to replace the lead acid packs on most elecric toy cars that kids love.
or a flat nissan leaf module for that electric mini bike gocart or skateboard.

The GreenTec guys will provide the whole pack or smaller sub packs and rate them for AH number of cells and voltage, with or without a BMS module.
This Blog is where we will show any aspect, cooling system, BMS details of the different packs that we thing you will find interesting.