A look at todays Hybrid and EV battery packs

A look at todays Hybrid and EV battery packs
2012RAV4 EV pack made by tesla

I have been working with the guys at Greentec Auto
GreenTec Auto

GreenTec Auto ebay store

for several months and it has been a fun and exciting experience
They recently purchased a huge lot of batteries and there are some very interesting batteries included.
The plan is to evaluate them for resale or salvage .
Some of the ones I found interesting
A water cooled prius type NIMH 10 cell 12 V block
a smart EV pack made from huge 50AH flat modules like the Leaf only bigger with water cooling
Plug in lithium packs from prius
lexus mercedes packs
rav4 EV 2013 version made by tesla
and the list is long
bottom line we will be dissecting them to determine if parting out the modules or selling the packs intact would be the best way to save these valuable resources.
we have over a Mega watthour of NIMH and lithium packs.

I intend to use some of them for my solar energy storage, in my electric telephone truck, yard buggy and solar trailer.
High performance batteries
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