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The Insight E-wheel after 3 years

The  Insight E-wheel after 3 years
Three Years Later

I finally removed the e-wheel, boost system, and booster batteries, to clear the deck for my next round of modifications. I carefully examined the e-wheel mechanism, and found that one of the pivot hinges was binding, as well as the hinge pin on the up/down force cylinder clevis. Some lube and some gentle tapping made it good again. A sealed greased hinge bearing would be how I would do it again.

The cylinder shaft seal is leaking air just a bit, and some of the air fittings are also leaking from the plastic tubing cold flowing around the o-ring. True compression fittings with inner and outer ferrules would be the best way to run the air.

The controller and control handle are still working like new.

The regulator I chose is one that will not vent if the output pressure is higher than the input, or each bump will vent some air.

The tire with about 500-600 miles on it still has some rubber, but no threads,
A bigger diameter tire with more aggressive threads, and much more down force would all move things in a better direction.

An hour with the wire wheel, and the thing will look like new.