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MIMA is different for everyone.

I have resisted offering advice as to how to use MIMA to achieve better MPG or performance, as I did not feel that my driving style was representative of how many of the MIMA owners will use it.
Some are hypermilers others just want to drive with the flow and get better milage. Some want the performance boost as well as the MPG improving advantages. Then there are the people with weak batteries hoping to whack them back into shape.
In the near future we will have a booster battery that can really help people with a short commute by giving them a strong electric boost for 20 miles or more depending on terrain and speed.

I would love to hear some MIMA tips from the people that have become masters in using it for their unique driving conditions.
Many people that would potentially want MIMA are stopped in their tracks by the mention of ABC, PIMA, and many of the terms like regen and assist that we throw around so freely, and don't have a clue as to what we are talking about.
So please all of the 114 MIMA systems out there, I am sure that many of you have learned some tricks to using MIMA for your particular commute and driving style that others would like to hear about.
Just send them to me and I will put them here.
Keep your MIMA Grin going.