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How do I calibrate the system when I install V1.5 ?

How do I calibrate the system when I install V1.5 ?
Version 1.5 has a big change. The joystick calibration.
When you turn on MIMA V1.5, it checks the flash memory, and if the Joysticks have not been calibrated, it will not run the program. It will default to the Mode 3 led, and the max assist last led. The calibration is quite simple, the only requirement is that you are not moving.
I will not go through the whole procedure here, go to the Operation section for detailed instructions.
After you finish the calibration, you will not have to repeat it unless you want to change the way the stick works to a new direction.
After the joystick cal, press and hold the Mode2 button to enter the regular calibration. Refer to that instruction in the operation section.
Finally to completely refresh the flash memory:
While moving, in mode 1, set the ABC level, and ABC setpoint. Next on a flat section of ground, get to 100MPG in 5th gear. You should be going over 35 MPH. Feather the gas to around 100MPG. Tap mode 2 button to get into PIMA. Jog the regen up until you begin to show some light from the first green charge led.
Next let up on the gas, and the amp leds should all light up, as you slow down.
Now you set the assist. While holding the MPG at around 90 MPG. Jog the assist up (same direction as normal MIMA assist)until you see the first assist led light. This is a good starting point for the PIMA setting.
Thats it, all of the flash memory variables have beed set and you are ready to start working with it.
Have a MIMA Grin.