Some ideas for a better world

Some ideas for a better world
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Mikes car modifications can be found here: Mikes Insight
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The world economy is a mess, green house warming is melting the glaciers and poles, the breadbaskets of the world are suffering drying conditions, people are losing their jobs and retirement funds.
It can be a bit depressing to look at the current and future prospects, but the boy scouts motto of "Be Prepared" is good advice for us all, and if we act wisely and quickly, and in mass, the slope of decline can be extended so we have more time to make the required changes to get to a sustainable world.

Why the urgency? Don't we have solar, wind, hydrogen , Ethanol , electric cars.
The enormous cost of bringing these technologies into widespread use, depends on a healthy economy with the resources to make it happen. Not exactly where we are right now.
I can only hope that our leaders are making the right moves at this critical time.

In my opinion, The best way towards sustainability is for each of us to give a lot of thought and action towards changing our lifestyle to a much more efficient one,and not depend on some magic new technology.
Many inexpensive ways to save energy are all over the web, get your families involved, and share the techniques with anyone interested while encouraging them to change as well.
Hopefully some of what I share on this website will make a difference for some of you.
One Hundred years from now, we will be either an extinct species in a recovering world, or will be living in a society that has learned to live in a sustainable way with nature.

A big change in each of our energy footprints could almost overnight make a huge change in how long we have to solve the massive problems we, and our children are facing.

Some of the projects I hope to work on this year:

Some useful links about Hybrid Batteries
what actually goes wrong with the batteries
The inside scoop on battery packs and how they are made:
battery packs exposed
257 grid chargers are in the field

The E-Wheel
A recent report shows that it takes 42 barrels of oil to produce a modern automobile.
In times of decreasing energy availability, upgrading existing vehicles with an e-wheel would save that 42 barrels, and ease the financial burden that we each will face when our present 2-5 year old vehicle consumes too much gas for us to continue using it, and we see that the residual value has sunk to near zero as no one can afford to feed these metal monsters.
I will be continuing my efforts towards building a running prototype e-wheel or dual wheel pusher, as time finances and components become available.
The blog about this project will be here:

PHEV insight.
The true potential of MIMA cannot be realized without a V-Boost system. We will endeavor to design and build a safe and reasonably priced PHEV systems for the Insight community
The blog on the original 48V boost system
development of Mikes E-wheel and V-boost prototypes
Doug's PHEV system for the Insight/Civics
PHEV V-Buck system
Doug's PHEV Voltage boosting system
Dougs V-Boost system

EV insight
Turning a salvaged Prius drive system into an EV drive system, and mounting it in an Insight chassis.
We all saw who killed the electric car, well every perfectly good prius synergy drive and inverter that is crushed is one less electric conversions core components. Somebody should be storing them for when we will really need them 10 years from now. My blog about converting an Insight.
EV Insight with a Prius heart

Using Solar for making life more efficient, solar cooking, going off the grid,tuning the home energy management to get maximum use of the available renewable energy.
Plugging into the sun

My car and my home are prototypes of what is possible on a small budget.

I will continue to work on the V-boost,PHEV, E-wheel , and EV insight projects as well as many solar and alternative energy projects, and will use any profits from MIMA and donations from concerned people to proceed as well as I can.
I will use the blogs to share what I learn as open source projects, and welcome cooperation and support from any other individuals or teams that want to pursue any of these concepts.

If you would like to get involved or support any of these projects, please contact me at (860)935-5569
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Together we can make a huge difference.
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