My car has recalibrations, will MIMA make it worse ?

Lets first define recalibrations, or recal's.
There seem to be several types.
The most common one is where the SOC will drop rapidly from some middle value to empty very quickly (10 seconds). There is some evidence that this is caused by the battery developing a memory of the shallow charge /discharge range that the car runs at. Check out the MIMA Pack Whack page under project cars for more information.
If you find an Insight you like, you can determine if it has recal issues by driving it hard while watching the IMA battery discharge. If the discharge is smooth and continues down to 1-2 bars in a linear fashion, the battery is probably fine.
The IMA battery warranty has been extended to 10 years and 150K. A salvage or rebuilt Insight will have no IMA warranty, regardless of the mileage.