Can MIMA hurt the car ?

The BCM module controls the battery pack by monitoring the SOC (State Of Charge), temperature, and subpack to subpack balance. MIMA cannot override this control, so the battery protecting functions are still in place. The maximum assist the stock system will allow is 100A, which is dropped to 50A after 10 seconds of use. MIMA allows 100A for as long as desired. This will heat the batteries more than the stock control, but if things get to hot the BCM again reduces the assist and charge rate until things cool down. The maximum charging rate for the stock system is 50A, which is not limited except by battery temperature. MIMA has the same limits. The additional battery heating, is somewhat compensated for by the ability to turn on all of the cooling fans to full when the temperature gets above 95 degrees. The combined MIMA driven miles is likely over one million miles, and no battery degradation has been detected in any of the cars. To the contrary, most have found that the more aggressive charging that MIMA allows can keep the battery SOC within a tighter range than the stock system. The pack also seems to stay balanced cell to cell better when it has been cycled over the full to empty range. My pack with over 140K has never experienced the recalibrations that many Insights develop with that many miles on the pack, and I feel it is because of my more aggressive use of the pack.