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The Vicor company has generously supplied me with over 20 of their dc/dc modules, which has allowed me to build the prototype of a boost battery system to allow more agressive electric priority operation, and subsequent increases in MPG.The modules are very well designed, easy to use, and extremely flexible allowing me to duplicate the hybrid charge/ regen functions electronics with off the shelf products.
The modules were used for both the boost charge where the 48V booster batteries power 11 of the dc/dc converters, in parallel, while the outputs are put in series in a constant current configuration. This configuration yields 177V @ 16A or 2800 Watts of replenishing charge to the NIMH stock pack while driving to allow the electric priority mode heavy use of the assist to be extended.
The other half ot the system uses the Vicor BatMod current source modules with 100-200VDC input to generate an isolated 25A charging/ regeneration to the 48V boost battery. The charger can be solar/grid connected to charge the 48V batteries when parked. A simple flip of a switch, and the Insights 144V battery/regeneration system can recharge the 48V pack while driving to complete the auxiliary booster system.

Vicor Web site