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Mikes You Tube Videos

Started a You tube channel, here are the links to various videos.

Solar puppet and big HV solar energy storage capacitors

finally got some video of the solar puppet and the big solar charged capacitor bank in action

solar Puppet and big cap bank demonstrations

Solar survival trailer 1`

Finally did a video on my solar survival trailer
Shows the tracker, boiling water, cooking eggs,ham,burgers,hotdogs,chicken, melting rocks and glass

Survival trailer

Full MIMA install

The full video showing the Plug and Play install of MIMA

MIMA install Video

Output shaft first view of the running honda Insight 5 speed transmission

Output shaft first view of the running honda Insight 5 speed transmission

A look at the output shaft gears on a running 5 speed transmission

NewFirst look at the input shaft side of the 5 speed Insight transmission

First look at the running gear train of the Honda Insight 5 speed transmission.

5 speed tranny Input shaft first look

New code V 2.4

This code instruction is for V 2.4 of the code and will be updated as we develop new code. It has full discharger support, for cycling, pulse Internal resistance testing, and high current IR test( not released yet).
The user interface is much more intuitive for the user, includes the new option bit setup which is so much simpler than V 1.2.
This version requires that you have upgraded your chargers hardware to include the mew 18F4620 microcontroller, and has the AUX port connector installed.

New code V 2.4 operation video

Installing a harness in the Honda Insight

a step by step video showing how the grid charger harness is installed in the Honda Insight gen 1

2000- 2006 Honda Insight Charger harness install

First gen Civic Install

Step by step install of a grid charger harness in the first generation Honda Civic

2001-2005 Civic harness Install

Installing a harness in the second generation Honda Civic

Step by step install of a grid charger harness in the second generation Honda Civic.

Note that the 2006 through 2008 civic may have a different HV connector board from what the video shows.
Please refer to this photo for the correct + and - connection points.
2006-2008 civic connection points

2006--- Honda civic harness install

Calibrating the charger for a new harness

How to calibrate the charger for a new harness

Adding a new car profile and harness

How to assemble and test the discharger accessory before using it

Many people assemble the discharger incorrectly, so Jessica demonstrates how to insert the bulbs and test the discharger to confirm operation.

Jessica explains how to assemble and test the discharger

Upgrading the Grid charger

If I send you a new chip with new software. this video shows how to disassemble the charger and swap the chip. It also shos how to upgrade an earlier charger that does not have the AUX connector.

Upgrading the grid charger

Programmer P1 hardware

This video shows the parts of the Programmer kit

Connecting the programmer hardware

Programmer P2 software and operation

What happens on the charger during programming

Loading the software and using the programmer

Programmer P3 Charger during programming

Downloading the PicKit2 software
downloading the Hex code
reprogramming the charger

Charger during programming

Smart Charger Datalogger Part 1 Checking the serial port on the PC

This first step towards using the datalogger is to get the serial set up in the PC.
The charger has a serial output that is configured as an RS232 port. Most computers have USB, so an RS232 to USB adapter is required to get the data into the PC.
I use a Sewell device that cost less than $10.
Each device will require a driver, and this must be installed before the device will work. This video shows how to examine the connection using the device manager,to confirm that this is working.

Installing and testing the serial port

Smart Charger Datalogger Part 2 Downloading the config and datalogger programs

This video shows how to download unzip, and install the Datalogger and config programs

Downloading and installing the programs

Smart Charger Datalogger Part 3 operating the config generator to generate the config file

Using the config program to generate the config file

Generating the config file

Smart Charger Part 4 Operating the datalogger part1

Here we get into operating the datalogger.
We see how to download and upload data from the charger we see how to view and change the charger variables, how to start and stop the charger, and how to view the results of the datalogging and how to name the database files

Operating the datalogger Part 1

Smart Charger Datalogger Part 5 Using the file compare, and file control

Here we look at how the program can be stopped and restarted and how we control the database files. we can automatically generate a new file each time we stop and restart the datalogger, or we can append the old file each time we restart, the file compare is used to view and compare old database files

View and compare the old files

Using the hondsa Insight Battery pack lifter

Save the back, and have good control of the inserting and removal of the battery pack.

How to lift the pack with no back strain

Using the charger/discharger to determine which sticks need to be replaced

When the charger no longer can keep your pack operational, it can be used to determine the low capacity subpacks by looking at the sequence that they drop out when discharging.

Finding the bad subpacks